Hackamore: The culmination of a two year journey to unlock the secrets of a truly premium tasting beverage. Crafted to perfection under the guidance of the premier masters of flavor and good taste from the industry. One sip will elevate you to a realm of pleasurable indulgence and great vigor.


A hackamore is a bridle often associated with the Western Style of horse riding, a spirited style involving extreme finesse and great endurance. The hackamore logo is the purest embodiment of the spirit of the beverage: boundless energy tempered with supreme control.


Take a ride on your wild side with gusto with this premium non-alcoholic energy beverage, while appreciating the finer aspects of a liquor-like taste and restraint.


Blind dates are always… well, an adventure. But when Olivia arrived at a one-on-one rendezvous set up by her well-meaning friends, she was taken aback at what she encountered.


The gentleman she was meeting for the potential of an amorous encounter was already pounding down a generic energy drink. As “Capt. Caffeine” proceeded to zealously down subsequent energy drink after energy drink, Olivia was admittedly perturbed, and had to ask:


“What’s up with the cheap canned concoctions?”


As it happens, Olivia’s fresh acquaintance was newly dedicated to sobriety and struggling to discover something non-alcoholic when out on the town. This difficulty was only compounded when he found himself in an establishment that didn’t offer caffeinated beverages.


Olivia swiftly realized there was something there – not between her and her date, but in respect to a need in the beverage industry. Thus, she began a spirited two-year odyssey to discover a sophisticated caffeinated drink that could be enjoyed publicly and in lieu of alcohol.


Despite her efforts, she found nothing available.


Determined to take matters in her own hands, Olivia trekked to Louisville, Kentucky to speak to the industry’s most affluent and prominent tastemakers to determine if it was truly possible to craft an energy drink that mixologists cherished and consumers adored. Something with a polish and urbanity that one could savor while trusting it was devoid of pesky calories, sugars, and artificial sweeteners.


One arduous, yet rewarding, year of jet-setting around the United States yielded the result she was hoping for: an innovative, complex energy drink featuring an evolved taste thanks to a skilled, subtle use of citrus.


Hackamore, the fruit of Olivia’s labor, utilizes a sublime selection of limes that add a nuanced natural flavor to the beverage. The lime is an ideal choice, as it effortlessly neutralizes the bitter taste of raw caffeine, and is widely recognized and celebrated in the cocktail world.


The kosher, gluten-free drink is wondrously distinctive, in that it’s housed with an attractive, frosted, glass liter bottle. It invokes the classic appeal of a vodka bottle, inviting mixologists to serve it as a shot.


Hackamore’s slogan is “Live Higher, Live Longer”, and its astoundingly high-quality and avant-garde stylings ensure that this mantra is attainable by all that enjoy it.


Hackamore is the new zenith of the energy beverage industry: a supreme blend of health, vitality and refreshing taste; a versatile drink without sugar, sweeteners or calories.