Hackamore is all about the ride.

A drink with true versatility, one that can inject a pure shot of caffeine into your system, on its own or as part of a cocktail or mocktail.


Hackamore gives you absolute freedom to add a bolt of energy to the drink of your choice. The absence of sugar and sweeteners allows it to meld in a much wider variety of spirits and natural juices or sodas than an ordinary energy drink. Its exclusive flavor and individual taste make it the perfect drink addition to experiment with.


For the drinker, Hackamore offers a healthier, smoother alternative. A drink that cuts down on calories as well as unnecessary artificial sweeteners, while providing all the benefits of a regular energy drink.


So, what will it be? A solo shot of pure energy and premium taste?


Or as mixer that lights up your favorite cocktail in a way you have never tasted before?


The choice is yours. Either way, the journey will never be the same again.

Classic Cocktails

with an addition of hackamore


Rye whiskey, hackamore, Campari, carpano antica formula
2oz | 1oz | 1oz | 1oz
A twist on a boulevardier aka a whiskey Negroni


Extravagant Action
Gin, hackamore, Rosemary-thyme simple syrup, lemon juice, peychaud’s bitters
1.5oz | 1oz | 1oz | .75oz
A Provençal bee’s knees with a shot of hackamore



Crow Hopping
Rye whiskey, hackamore, simple syrup, peychaud’s bitters, absinthe
1.5oz | 1oz | .75oz | 2 dashes | rinse
A Sazerac with a shot of hackamore



Fox Trot
Tequila, hackamore, lime juice, grapefruit juice, salt, soda water
1.5oz | 1oz | .75oz | 1.5oz | pinch | fill
A Paloma with a shot of hackamore



English Pleasure
Gin, hackamore, Cointreau, lemon juice, peychaud’s bitters
1oz | 1oz | 1oz | .75oz | two dashes
A Chelsea side-car with a shot of hackamore



Rising Trot
Hackamore, green chartreuse, Luxardo, lime juice
1oz | 1oz | 1oz | 1oz
The Last Word with hackamore as the spirit substitute


Brunch Cocktails

Uplifting morning cocktails with hackamore


Hackamore, jasmine green simple syrup, lemon juice, champagne
1.5oz | 1oz | .75oz | fill
A French 75 with hackamore as the spirit substitute


Running Walk
Hackamore, rosé wine, orange, mint
1.5oz | 2oz | 2 slices | 4 leaves
A rosé cocktail with hackamore and freshly muddled fruit and herbs


The Bitless Bridle
Hackamore, aperol, lemon juice, champagne
1oz | 1oz | .5oz | fill
An aperol spritz with a shot of hackamore


Russian Thoroughbred
Vodka, hackamore, Kahlua, cream
1.5oz | 1oz | 1oz | fill
A White Russian with a shot of hackamore


Bucking Orange
Orange vodka, hackamore, orange juice, orange bitters
1oz | 1oz | fill | 2 dashes
An accelerated screwdriver with a shot of hackamore


Plantation Pleasure
Hackamore, reposado tequila, St Germaine, lime juice, grapefruit juice
1oz | 1oz | .75oz | .75oz | 1.5 oz
A tequila greyhound with hackamore and St Germaine


Non-Alcoholic Mocktails

with a pick-me-up of hackamore


The Virgin Filly
Hackamore, tonic, lime, rosemary
1.5oz | fill | wedge | sprig


Heart Room
Hackamore, lemonade, watermelon, basil
1.5oz | fill | 4 pieces | 4 leaves


The Crow Hop
Hackamore, ginger ale, lime
1.5oz | fill | wedge


The Whipper-In
Hackamore, soda, cucumber, lemon
1.5oz | fill | 4 slices | wedge


Flying Change
Hackamore, soda, orange, mint
1.5oz | fill | slice | sprig